The Computer Applications Program (CAPP/TBS) is no longer are accepting new students.

CAPP was established in 1979 as a supplementary major in the College of Arts and Letters as a way to provide liberal arts students with formalized training in computing and technology. An important mission of CAPP was to enhance students proficiency in various facets of computing and information technology as a supplement to their primary majors and as a springboard for further professional education or a career in a technology-related field. CAPP also offered students the opportunity to learn a little bit about how the world of business works.

CAPP proudly served the College and Unversity for 35 years. Many dedicated CAPP faculty worked with thousands of program students over those years to fulfill the CAPP's edicational mission. In the Fall of 2015, a new program, Computing & Digital Technologies (CDT) will replace CAPP and build upon the technology education legacy CAPP initiated within the College of Arts & Letters. CDT is a new and very unique blended program that involves courses from the Colleges of Arts & Letters and Engineering at Notre Dame.

Arts & Letters students with an interest in technology should carefully consider what CDT has to offer.  For more information, visit the CDT webpage, which should be active by mid-December, 2014.

We express our deepest thanks to the many faculty and students who made CAPP such a success!