CAPP Alumni Stories

Below you will find the unique stories of CAPP alumni for whom the program has had a significant, game-changing impact on their careers. In each case, and despite very different primary majors at Notre Dame, the skills and knowledge developed through the CAPP experience provided a common springboard for the professional advancement of each person.

Kevin McCarter

Kevin McCarter, ND '85, Economics & CAPP

Kevin McCarter graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1985 with a B.A. degree in Economics with a CAPP minor.  Kevin credits his CAPP experience with raising his awareness of technology and piquing his interest in a career in consulting... Read full story.


Martha (Fulcher) Roman

Martha (Fulcher) Roman, ND '05, Psychology and CAPP

Martha may be one of the few students who graduated from Notre Dame with the same two majors she planned on attaining from day one.  With a deep interest in working with people with disabilities and an odd pleasure gained from manipulating the power of a computer, the complement of degrees in Psychology and CAPP was a perfect fit... Read full story. 

Tom Sedory

Tom Sedory, ND '89, Philosophy & CAPP

During spring semester of 1988, my junior year at Notre Dame, I took a CAPP course on consulting.  We studied what it meant to consult, from customer needs assessment to research to proposal writing.  The consulting course required us to identify a client, engage with them, and write a proposal to address their needs...  Read full story

mikevillanoProf. Michael Villano, ND '83, Psychology and CAPP

When I was an undergraduate psychology major at the University of Notre Dame, my statistics TA recommended that I consider adding the Computer Applications (CAPP) supplementary major to my course of studies. He suggested that having the programming skills taught by CAPP professors would “open doors for me.” He could not have been more correct...   Read full story.