Martha (Fulcher) Roman

Martha (Fulcher) Roman

Martha may be one of the few students who graduated from Notre Dame with the same two majors she planned on attaining from day one.  With a deep interest in working with people with disabilities and an odd pleasure gained from manipulating the power of a computer, the complement of degrees in Psychology and CAPP was a perfect fit.  An added bonus for Martha was that she could earn both of these degrees in the College of Arts and Letters, allowing her to enjoy the type of non-major course work in which she was most interested.  As for the CAPP program in particular, she found that the courses offered allowed her to learn a wide variety of front-end, back-end, and database languages, while also exposing her to other areas of technology like security and regulations. 

While at Notre Dame, Martha held numerous jobs on campus that cultivated the skills she was learning in the CAPP program.  At the Office for Students with Disabilities she designed and updated the department’s web site, and architected and developed a department-wide management database with reporting capabilities.  For the Computer Applications Department, she served as a Teaching Assistant, teaching the lab portion of a CAPP undergraduate programming course to a class of roughly 30 students.  She also worked for the Kaneb Center Learning Technology Lab, assisting faculty members with the integration of technology into instructional design.  These experiences throughout college helped her navigate her interests and talents, and tailor her remaining CAPP course work accordingly.

After graduating from Notre Dame in 2005, Martha explored many opportunities, some to leverage her major in Psychology, others her major in CAPP.  In the end, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in technology while her skills from CAPP were still fresh, to see where it would lead her.  She accepted a consulting position with IBM Interactive, which is the interactive agency arm of IBM, located in New York City.  Martha remembers a time in the first year of her career when a manager handed her a book, telling her to learn an entire new language over the weekend and show up at the client site Monday as an expert.  Because she had a foundation in a wide variety of languages as a CAPP major, she was able to quickly pick up this new language and, ultimately, ended up enjoying and becoming an expert in it.  As her expertise grew and she took on more responsibility, she was promoted from a developer to a lead developer and eventually to a leadership and business advisement role at IBM.

 Martha is currently the IBM Project Manager for a global luxury jewelry retailer.  In 2011, she managed projects for this client worth over 4.5 million dollars, a team of approximately 50 members spanning US, Canada, China, and India, and up to 15 projects for this client at one time. She has strong Retail Ecommerce experience and proven success in Mobile Commerce. In addition to her project role, she was named as the hiring manager for IBM Interactive in NYC.  In her tenure at IBM, which began in ‘05, Martha has moved up to a Managing Consultant position, receiving multiple awards from IBM, including Eminence & Excellence Awards, Service Excellence Awards, and a Regional GBS Technical Achievement Award. 

Martha and her husband, Chris Roman (ND ’04), live in Morristown, NJ.  Martha, born and raised in South Bend, is the youngest of five children; three of her siblings and two in-laws also attended Notre Dame; and her mother, two siblings and an in-law are all currently employed by the University.

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