CAPP Major

CAPP Major

Completion of the CAPP supplementary major requires a minimum of 24 hours of course work (8 courses), as do most second majors.

Students should note that scheduling their required and elective courses does take some pre-planning. In a few instances, a course taken outside of the CAPP curriculum can be counted toward the CAPP major.

However, please note that courses taken to fulfill other degree requirements, which also fulfill CAPP requirements, will not be counted automatically toward the 24-hours needed for CAPP. The rule of thumb here is that a course may fulfill a CAPP curriculum requirement, but will count toward the 8 courses needed only if it does not satisfy some other University or College requirement.

In summary, the specific course category requirements for CAPP are:

Total Courses Required: 8      Total Credit Hours Required: 24

NOTE: CAPP students who have an interest in business are strongly encouraged to take CAPP 40610 (Fundamentals of Business Thinking) as one of their Applications courses. This course will enhance your understanding of the business world and will likely prove invaluable in whatever career path you elect.

Students interested in the CAPP supplementary major are encouraged to read our curriculum goals.