Curriculum Goals

CAPP major goals

One goal of the CAPP curriculum requirements is to provide students with sufficient knowledge of and exposure to technology that they can be competitive in the job market, should they decide to pursue that path after graduation. CAPP students have been fairly successful in getting good jobs as a result of the technology skills they develop in this program. To acquire these skills, students need a certain minimum proficiency or fluency with computing and information technology systems. CAPP students acquire this fluency in two ways:

  1. By becoming acquainted the “languages” of technology used to develop technology-based systems;  CAPP students take two (from a choice of several) required Programming  Languages to ensure they are generally familiar with the basic concepts of programming as they are reflected in today’s most commonly employed syntaxes.
  2. By getting practice in the use and application of such systems to solve important problems or create functional tools; CAPP students take four required Technology-Applications courses (selected from a number of alternatives) in which the primary intent is to see how technology can be applied within important domains such as multimedia systems, local-area computer networks, or the Internet.

A second goal of CAPP is to sensitize students to the ethical issues raised by contemporary uses of computing and information technology. In this goal we follow the recommendations of a recent steering committee of computing and technology professionals who saw such learning as integral to the undergraduate educational experience. CAPP students therefore take one required Technology-related Ethics course from among several options in this curriculum area.

Third, CAPP aims to increase awareness of the important and pervasive ways in which technology affects both personal and professional domains within today’s society. Through one required course in the area of Technology & Society, CAPP students become more aware of the broader influence and impact of technology on their lives.