Career Opportunities

CAPP careers

Because of the technology skills and business knowledge CAPP and TBS provides, program students historically have been quite competitive for career placement immediately after graduation. 

Typically, the percentage of CAPP students with full-time jobs after graduation is more than double that of liberal arts students in general and is comparable to that for business students.  

CAPP and TBS gives students an edge whether they elect to start their careers immediately after graduation or first pursue service opportunities or further education. 

For example, according to future plans survey reports, slightly over 70 percent of the 2011 CAPP graduates went directly into the business world. This was second in the College of Arts and Letters only to economics graduates at 71 percent. The average starting annual salary for these 2011 CAPP graduates was reported to be just over $51,000.

From the stanpoint of career impact, CAPP has been a highly successful program for its students. Not only is the CAPP experience attractive to employers, CAPP and TBS graduates commonly report that the experiences and skills they gained from the program have been extremely beneficial in the years since their graduations, regardless of whether they moved on to further education or directly into their careers. Check out the CAPP alumni page on this site for examples of how past graduates describe the game-changing impact of CAPP for them.

The CAPP and TBS programs do not aim to produce engineers or computer programmers, though sometines they do.  Rather, these programs strive to provide students with a better than average knowledge of how technology fits into both personal and professional domains. 

Combined with an enhanced appreciation for business as well as an increased sense of the ethical and societal challenges technology can impose, CAPP and TBS students are well situated in their careers to use technology themselves as well as to help others make the most of what information technology has to offer.

CAPP or TBS students who choose to pursue technology-related professions often end up working for their organizations in management, consulting, or educational capacities.