Charles R. Crowell

Chuck Crowell


Prof. Crowell joined the faculty at Notre Dame in 1974 and currently is a professor in the Department of Psychology.  He also directs the Computer Applications Program, an information technology second major program in the College of Arts and Letters.

Along with his empirical and theoretical work on basic mechanisms of learning and motivation, Prof. Crowell has been involved for some time in applications of psychology and technology to learning, productivity, and performance improvement in organizations.

As part of this work, he has investigated how technology can be used to augment human performance in various learning and work settings.

Prof. Crowell oversees the eMotion and eCognition lab at Notre Dame that is devoted to investigating a spectrum of psychological phenomena ranging from the basic mechanisms underlying human movement and imitation to the ways in which humans interact with and are influenced by technology and artificial entities such as robots or avatars.

Contact Information
Phone: (574) 631-0471
Cel:(574) 276-8581
Fax: (574) 631-8700
Office: 847 Flanner


CAPP 40545 Computers in Psychology / Non standard time list (Fall & Spring)
CAPP 40546 Practicum in Robotics / T R / 2:00pm - 3:15pm (Spring)

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