Don Irmiger

Don Irmiger

Adjunct Instructor

Don has been a computer programmer/analyst/hobbyist for longer than he'd like to admit. Starting with Basic-Plus running on minicomputers (in the pre-PC era) to Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 today he's programmed in more versions of the BASIC programming language than he cares to remember. Don has worked in government, academia and currently in Healthcare Informatics with Trinity Health where he is a Senior Technical Analyst.

His first class for ND in 1995 was taught using Visual Basic 3 and he has updated his curriculum with each generation of Microsoft Visual Basic ever since. He also has experience with the COBOL, IBM 370 assembler, Pascal and C programming languages. He is a private pilot and electronics enthusiast.

Contact Information:

Phone: (574) 631-7459
Office: 834 Flanner Hall
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CAPP 30350 Visual Basic / MW / 5:05pm – 6:20pm (Fall)

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