Louis J. Berzai

Lou Berzai

Emeritus former Associate Director and Director of Advising

Lou Berzai has experiences as an Information Technology Professional for over 45 years and has proven accomplishments in the area of cost controls, budgeting, scheduling, forecasting, marketing consultation, systems analyst, management, advising, and teaching.  

Prof Berzai joined the  Capp Program in 1984 and is currently the Associate Director and Director of Advising for the students. 

He works with the Director, Charles Crowell, to continue to evaluate the policies for the CAPP/TBS program to make sure that the department stays within the guidelines of the Arts and Letters College .

He helps the students along with majoring in CAPP or TBS by advising them on what classes to take each semester. He continues to work with corporations from around the country and with an advisory committee on campus to make sure that CAPP/TBS is on the right track for the betterment of our students.

Contact Information

Phone: (574) 631-7318
Office: 848 Flanner
E-mail: lberzai@nd.edu
Website: http://nd.edu/~lberzai/


CAPP 20505 Intro to Computer Systems (currently inactive)
CAPP 30510 (M)anagement (I)nformation (S)ystems (currently inactive)
CAPP 40150 Current Trends in Computer Applications (currently inactive)
CAPP 30515 Systems Analysis & Design (currently inactive)

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