Ray Sepeta

Ray Sepeta

Concurrent Assistant Professor

Ray’s main interests for CAPP are computer programming and programming languages.  In the 1990s he taught the C programming language and the UNIX operating system to CAPP students.  A recent New York Times article identified these two technologies taken together as one of the most important technological developments in the latter part of the twentieth century.


In the new millennium Ray taught C++ and an experimental language called Scheme to CAPP students.  Also for the past twenty years he has taken Notre Dame Students to the annual ACM programming contests (Association for Computing Machinery). Ray believes that learning to program like learning a natural language improves the way we think and reason.


Contact Information

Phone: 574-631-7421
Office: 223 Coleman Morse
Email: sepeta@nd.edu

CAPP 30320 Introduction to Scheme Programming (Currently Inactive Course)
CAPP 47567 Special Studies


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