TBS Minor

TBS Minor

The Technology, Business, & Society (TBS) program allows students to learn more about technology and its broader impact on business and society without the full course load that the CAPP major requires.

TBS is a new type of program in the College of Arts and Letters, similar but not identical to a minor. Like a minor, TBS requires 15 hours of coursework (5 courses). However, unlike many minors, there is no cappstone requirement for TBS. It appears on transcripts as "The Technology, Business, & Society Program."

TBS, like the CAPP major, is open to all undergrad students in all colleges on the campus of Notre Dame. 

TBS requires one course in each of the following five CAPP curriculum areas:

Each of the above curriculum categories has one or more existing courses within the CAPP curriculum as shown in the table below. At present, TBS students must choose one course from each row of this table.

Programming Languages CAPP 30350, 30370, 303903040030550
Technology Applications CAPP 23507, 30521305234054040545, 405464055040551
405534055740561, 4062040720, 45565, 47567
Business Knowledge CAPP 40610
Technology-Related Ethics CAPP 40160, 40720
Technology & Society CAPP 40210,40260, 40620, 40720

Students interested TBS are encouraged to read about the benefits of the program.